Precast in building foundations

Industrial Pile Driving is the greenest way to pile with an unforeseen productivity


We want to understand and find the most suitable solution for customers’ need every time. This sentence in our values describes well the starting point we had in our offering development in the end of last year.

Precast has established itself as a modern way to produce floors and walls for any type of a building. But could it be more? Could the same benefits of high quality, excellent productivity, safety and profitability be achieved in underground building construction?

Precast products for sustainable building foundations

Yes, yes and yes. Industrial piling solution shows the way. The solution combines
• An easy add-on to your current production without any new raw materials
• The lowest labor requirements
• A flexible production
• The best overall control of the production process
• The greenest way to pile with minimized ecological footprint
• An unforeseen production of even 3 km of ready-to-install piles per day!

Pile Caster for efficient precast concrete pile production

To put it in short, for a precaster, precast concrete pile line offers new business opportunities and better market value easy and uncomplicatedly.

Ismo Kallio, product manager, Elematic

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