Smart precast production needs up-to-date automation


Every factory, technology and machine has its optimal lifetime. Same applies on factory automation. The lifetime can be extended with regular maintenance, but eventually newer choices just perform better.

Up-to-date production technologies shorten precaster’s reaction times and ensure premium end-product quality, as I wrote in my post earlier. What is often overlooked is the renewal of production automation. In this era of technology-driven competitiveness, smart integrated renewal of all production components is a key.

Shorter and less damaging production downtime

The repair of existing automation hardware might be impossible, if the original automation solution dates back for several years. The hardware is just out-of-date, and there are not any spare parts available anymore. Then the whole production automation components need to be re-designed and rebuild. Production downtime is easily couple of weeks instead of couple of days or hours, which certainly affects your profitability. Also in automation preventive maintenance is the key. By updating hardware on time, even if it does not show any problems, you will save yourself from headache!

3 tips for smart upgrades

  • When have you last time upgraded your Extruder EL900E nozzle module  or levelling beam assembly? 
  • Did you know, that there is more advanced automation technologies used in E9 series Extruder?
  • Hardware and software related to your concrete transportation and batching and mixing plant management are also worth checking, since they are crucial for good production flow.

 Petteri Laitinen, Director, Customer Services, Elematic

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