Cake factory, like a precast wall plant

This time of the year people around the world are preparing for different celebrations, such as Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s. Every celebration is equally important and we always want to create the best and most-comfortable Christmas for people important to us. Everybody wants to enjoy life rather than stress about production – hence, your cake factory should be as efficient and care-free as possible, just like your precast wall plant, with all the necessary steps for reaching a high quality end result.

As with cakes, so is with precast, everything begins from an idea – what the end result should look like? What kind of shapes, sizes, surface materials and colors will be in use? The production order should then be planned based on the information. It takes longer to bake and prepare large cakes with challenging mixtures and multiple layers. The taste and decorations need to be also taken into consideration. Comparing to a precast wall plant, you can start planning the production after the drawings have been received from the contractor or structural engineer. Knowing the different set-up times of your wall molds helps you to avoid a traffic jam on the production line. Molds with several layers (e.g. insulated panels) require more time and personnel to be set up properly. Different surface materials – from brick and natural stone to colored and graphic concrete – have an impact on the production process, too.

For a perfect cake, you need to have an excellent recipe, which guarantees memorable tasting experience. This won’t happen without good ingredients, correct dosing and effective mixing. Likewise, for a perfect wall panel, optimal concrete mix is a must. However, even if your plan is polished and the best concrete mix is used, it doesn’t automatically result in high quality wall panels. Even baking trays with straight molds are essential for creating beautiful cakes. Precasting is the same – you need to have even tables and straight side forms on your molds, otherwise the finished wall panel will lack in quality.

To succeed in baking, you need to know exactly how long to bake the cakes in the oven and how long you need to let them rest before the final touches and decorations can be made. Precast wall elements also require enough curing before they can be lifted up and moved to the storage and further to the construction site. Thorough planning, effective equipment and precise processes are the combining features of a cake factory and a precast wall plant.

Elematic staff wishes happy holidays and even better New Year to everybody!








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