Thank you 2018 and welcome 2019

Once again we are approaching the end of the year – we hope that all of you have had not only an excellent precasting year, but also a happy year in your personal life. This time we wanted to take a brief look at what has happened during the past year and what is coming up in the precast sector.

Renew (your thoughts)

”It has been our pleasure to serve you and meet you all over the world. It is always nice to find solutions to any problems that you may have, because together we are developing the precast manufacturing and construction sector further. In the future, we will invest more and more in serving you from the moment we meet until the end of the factory lifecycle. We want to support the future not only in the precast sector, but in a wider society, thus we have continued our tradition of making a Christmas donation to the Save the Children fund.” 

– Mats Jungar, CEO

Meet (your customers)

“Meeting each other is the only way to truly understand one another, thus we have traveled the world. On our journeys to your precast plants, we are eager to learn how the production is organized in your factory and how the machinery is performing there, so that your enhancement ideas can be used for the future development of your factory and the entire precast sector. This year, we have also had some good opportunities to meet you here in Akaa. All of these meet-ups are of value to us. I wish these meetings to continue next year. See You!” 

– Leena Raukola, Customer Service Director

Grow (your business)

“Digitalization gives new opportunities to develop the efficiency of precast concrete business and increase the profits. Thus, we have invested heavily in automation and digitalization, which enables you to grow your business. Optimized production planning together with automated production lines ensures high quality in your products as well as an increased capacity. We hope that together we can be in the forefront of precast development.” 

– Riku Lehtonen, Head of Project Management

Enjoy (your holidays)

“We have had a busy year at Elematic and I hope that your business has prospered as well.Hopefully, you remember to relax with your loved ones for a holiday getaway inthe midst of the precasting rush.”

– Ismo Kallio, Vice President Sales

Elematic team wishes you happy holidays and a fantastic year 2019!

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