How to digitalize hollow-core slab production?

Digitalization of production management does not benefit only the hollow-core plant, but it also makes the erection work quicker and easier at the construction site. Hence, precast factory digitalization together with digitalized design and construction site processes can create a seamless information flow from the designer to the construction site.

Acotec partition walls: where, why, how

Acotec panels are a well-suited solution to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects with strict requirements of sound insulation (RW 38 – 48 dB), moisture, fire, and earthquake resistance (EI30 to EI120).

Why sandwich panels?

Faced with the prospect of building a house that fronted on to a beautiful piece of bushland above the city of Adelaide in South Australia, I was determined to specify materials that would withstand the conditions. With a typically Mediterranean type climate, the Adelaide Hills area can see heat well into the 40s and strong…